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2014 Back-to-School Immunization Clinics

2014 Back-to-School Immunization Clinics Attached, you will find the list of School Immunization Clinics <more info>

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Metzger Summer Calendar of Events for (June, July, & August) 2014.

Metzger Summer Calendar of Events for (June, July, & August) 2014.  <more info>

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Metzger Back-to-School Supply List 2014-15

Henry Metzger Back-to-School Supply List 2014-15   Attached, you will find the list. <more info>

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High School Graduation Requirements

   GUIDANCE FOR GRADUATION: House Bill 5 and High School Graduation Requirements <more info>

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STARR math & Algebra I Parent Letter

Dear 8th Grade Algebra I Parent: Attached, you will find a letter outlining the change in assessment requirements... <more info>

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Ninth Grade Course Selection & Judson Independent School District Challenge Agreement 2014-15

High School TransitionUseful Documents   DOCUMENTS CAN BE ACCESS BELOW:  <more info>

Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement Parent ConnectMonthly Newsletter & Activity CalendarJanuary 2013PC NewsletterDaily... <more info>

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