Metzger Middle School


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Welcome to Henry Metzger Middle School

Located at 7475 Binz-Engleman Road in San Antonio, Texas, Henry Middle School houses America's future leaders. MMS features academic team classes and lockerless halls-all researched-based practices designed to enhance student academics and safety.

A broad variety of academic courses are offered that allow students to reach and exceed their potential.Students may challenge their minds with TAG, Pre-Advanced Placement and Honors courses while they participate in a multitude of co- and extra curricular activities to strengthen the body. Well-rounded students become life-long learners. Please call us at 210-662-2210 for more information. And Remember - Failure is not an option because success is our only option!



Metzger Mission
Metzger Middle School will provide a well rounded curriculum, environment, and learning opportunity for all students so our graduates possess the characteristics to enable them to live responsibly, meaningfully, and successfully in society, college and/or the workplace.