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SYF is sending JLA students to Washington, DC

SYF is sending JLA students to Washington, DC
SYF is sending JLA students to Washington, DC

Judson Learning Academy (JLA) will send four students to Washington, DC this summer (2017) to take advantage of a partnership between Simon Youth Foundation(SYF), Close Up, and JLA which provides students the opportunity to participate in a learning experience of a lifetime. Close Up, “a non-profit, non-partisan foundation that serves to ‘inform, inspire and empower young people to understand and embrace the rights and responsibilities of active citizenship.’”

Only 25 spots are available for SYF Academy students and JLA was chosen to select four student leaders, along with one chaperone, to experience this in-depth look into the United States government. 

“Participating students spend a week in Washington, DC, experiencing visits to multiple museums and monuments; workshops; lectures; debates; and even a meeting with congressional representatives, all of which are guided by trained professionals who are experts in their fields. Students are encouraged to learn how to form their own, reasoned opinions about government happenings, effectively communicate their viewpoints to others, and have civil discussions with others who might have differing opinions.  As the trip draws to an end, students work together to formulate constructive ideas for a community project, and are encouraged to bring those ideas to life when they return home.” (excerpt from http://www.syf.org/syf-students-are-ready-for-their-close-up/#)

From left to right are Jasmine Jimenez, Chloe Ramirez, Elisha Flores, and Malena Vega.  Congratulations to our JLA students!