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Judson Independent School District

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Candlewood Elementary
3635 Candleglenn
San Antonio, TX 78244
Phone: 210-662-1060
Fax: 210-945-6958
Principal: Jerome Johnson

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Converse Elementary
6720 FM 1516 N
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 210-945-1210
Fax: 210-945-6944
Principal: Mary Kay Tyson

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Copperfield Elementary
7595 E Loop 1604 N
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 210-619-0460
Fax: 210-619-0469
Principal: Gerrie Spellmann

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Coronado Village Elementary
213 Amistad
Universal City, TX 78148
Phone: 210-945-5110
Fax: 210-945-6948
Principal: Cynthia Davis

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Crestview Elementary
7710 Narrow Pass
Live Oak, TX 78233
Phone: 210-945-5111
Fax: 210-945-6953
Principal: Yvonne Munoz

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Elolf Elementary
6335 Beech Trail
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 210-661-1130
Fax: 210-945-6959
Principal: Renee Royal

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Franz Elementary
12301 Welcome Drive
Live Oak, TX 78233
Phone: 210-945-5640
Fax: 210-945-6946
Principal: Rodney Vigil

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Hartman Elementary
7203 Woodlake Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: 210-564-1520
Fax: 210-619-0320
Principal: David Garcia

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Hopkins Elementary
2440 Ackerman Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78219
Phone: 210-661-1120
Fax: 210-945-6945
Principal: Terry Combs

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Masters Elementary
2650 Woodlake Pkwy
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 210-945-1150
Fax: 210-945-6963
Principal: Theodore Haynes Jr

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Miller's Point Elementary
7027 Misty Ridge
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 210-945-5114
Fax: 210-945-6957
Principal: Barbara Smejkal

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Olympia Elementary
8439 Athenian
Universal City, TX 78148
Phone: 210-945-5113
Fax: 210-945-6955
Principal: Terri LeBleu

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Park Village Elementary
5855 Midcrown Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78218
Phone: 210-637-4890
Fax: 210-945-6952
Principal: Gregory Mihleder

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Paschall Elementary
6351 Lakeview Drive
San Antonio, TX 78244
Phone: 210-662-2240
Fax: 210-945-6961
Principal: Julie May

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Rolling Meadows Elementary
17222 FM 2252
San Antonio, TX 78266
Phone: 210-945-5700
Fax: 210-945-6989
Principal: Erika Garza

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Salinas Elementary
10560 Old Cimarron Trail
Universal City, TX 78148
Phone: 210-659-5045
Fax: 210-945-6962
Principal: Martin Silverman

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Spring Meadows Elementary
7135 Elm Trail
San Antonio, TX 78244
Phone: 210-662-1050
Fax: 210-945-6956
Principal: Courtney Morawski

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Woodlake Elementary
5501 Lake Bend E
San Antonio, TX 78244
Phone: 210-662-2220
Fax: 210-945-6954
Principal: Dr. Julia Battle

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