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Fry's Instant Phrases

Fry's Instant Phrases


If your student has already learned the Dolch phrase list, then Fry's instant phrases are next.  These lists are much more detailed and have many more words.  Please take the time to get to know these words with your student.

Just like the Dolch phrase list, these words also help students to learn sight words in context.  These phrases will help to speed up reading and build confidence among your student.  Fry's instant phrase contain words, from the first 600 words of Fry's word lists.  The phrases are broken down by each 100 word section.

Like the Dolch phrases, Fry's instant phrases cover a large portion of vocabulary used in written English.

Below, I have included Fry's instant phrases as a downloadable PDF file which can printed out.

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    pdf Fry's Instant Phrases (pdf file - 65 KB)
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