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Blends, Digraphs and Diphthongs

Blends, Digraphs and Diphthongs




Two or more consonants, when combined make a certain sound and two sounds are heard.




Two consonants, when combined make a certain sound and one sound is heard.




Two vowels, when combined make a certain sound and not necessarily the sound of either vowel present.


Below, I have attached files which contain flashcards for all three catagories of phonics sounds.


Blends List


bl- in blue and black

cl- in clap and close

fl- in fly and flip

gl- in glue and glove

pl- in play and please

br- in brown and break

cr- in cry and crust

dr- in dry and drag

fr- in fry and freeze

gr- in great and grand

pr- in prize and prank

tr- in tree and try

sk- in skate and sky

sl- in slip and slap

sp- in spot and speed

st- in street and stop

sw- in sweet and sweater

spr- in spray and spring

str- in stripe and strap




ch- in chin and ouch

sh- in ship and push

th- in thing

th- in this

wh- in when

ng- in ring

nk- in rink




oi- in foil and toy

ow- in owl and ouch

oo- in took and pull

oo- in food and mood

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