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Masters Elementary
2650 Woodlake Pkwy
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Principal: Tracey Valree
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Reading Help » 44 Sounds In The English Language 44 Sounds In The English Language


The 44 Sounds


The English language is a tricky language to learn.  There are a total of 44 sounds.  Some sounds are straight forward and some seems to make no sense at all.  With every sound, your mouth is doing something special.  Your tonge, teeth, lips and breath work in flawless harmony with each other.


While the students are not responsible for knowing all the sounds by the end of first grade, their reading will improve as they recognize the letter patterns and their sound relationship.


As a reference, I've listed the sounds here.


5 Short-Vowel Sounds


short /a/ in apple

short /e/ in elephant

short /i/ in igloo

short /o/ in octopus

short /u/ in umbrella


6 Long-Vowel Sounds


long /a/ in cake

long /e/ in feet

long /i/ in pie

long /o/ in boat

long /u/ (yoo) in mule

long /oo/ in flew


18 Consonant Sounds


/b/ in bat

/k/ in cat and kite

/d/ in dog

/f/ in fan

/g/ in goat

/h/ in hat

/j/ in jam

/l/ in lip

/m/ in map

/n/ in nest

/p/ in pig

/r/ in rat

/s/ in sun

/t/ in top

/v/ in van

/w/ in wig

/y/ in yell

/z/ in zip


7 Digraphs


/ch/ in chin

/sh/ in ship

unvoiced /th/ in thin

voiced /th/ in this

/hw/ in whip *

/ng/ in sing

/nk/ in sink

* (wh is pronounced /w/ in some areas)


3 r-Controlled Vowels


/ur/ in fern, bird, and hurt

/ar/ in park      

/or/ in fork




/oi/ in oil and boy

/ow/ in owl and ouch

/oo/ in cook and pull


Special Sounds


/aw/ in jaw and haul

/zh/ in television

Mr. Bianco's Kindergarten Classroom