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Math Journal Prompts

101 Math Journal Prompts:

1. What did I do today in math?

2. What did I learn today in math?

3. What did I not understand in math today?

4. What do I have questions about?

5. What strategy did I use today?

6. How did I get the solution?

7. What did I like about working the problem?

8. What did I dislike about working the problem?

9. What I know about________

10. Write all I know about _________

11. Write a story connected to what I am learning in math-

12. Write a poem connected to what I am learning in math-

13. Make a list of how I have used math today-


-alarm clock with numbers

-money at McDonalds

-Bus driving 30 mph

14. If I were an inch tall-

15. If I were twelve inches tall-

16. What was my favorite part of today’s lesson?

17. What was my least favorite part of today’s lesson?

18. If I worked with a partner, what did I do to help?

19. Write the directions for how to work the problem.

20. Write a letter to the teacher telling him/her something you learned in math.

21. Write a letter to the teacher asking him/her something you didn’t understand.

22. Write a letter to an absent student telling him/her what they missed.

23. Write a letter to mom telling her what you did today in math.

24. Write a letter to a second grader and tell her/him what you love about math class.

25. Write a letter to the principal telling him/her what you learned today in math.

26. Write a letter to the assistant principal telling him/her what you want to learn in math.

27. Make a Venn diagram for addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division.

28. Write five questions about today’s work using similar problems.

29. My best day with math was________

30. My worst experience with math was _______

31. I love math because_________

32. I hate math because_________

33. I want to become better at math because_________

34. One math activity I enjoyed was __________ because________

35. When someone says math is fun, I feel___________

36. Math scares me because_________

37. Draw a picture of what we did in math today.

38. My goal for this year in math is________

39. Find something similar in today’s lesson to something I have already learned and compare the two.

40. This is how I used math at home________

41. In math this week, I discovered___________

42. I wish I knew more about_________

43. Write instructions for completing a problem.

44. Describe uses for what we learned today in class.

45. List two ways this problem can be solved.

46. What is the most important part of solving a problem?

47. I knew my answer was correct because________

48. Was this problem easy or difficult for me?  Why?

49. Was I frustrated trying to work this problem? Why or why not?

50. What would happen if I missed a step in the problem?

51. What other strategies could I use?

52. What could I have done differently when I worked the problem?

53. How would I use this in my life?

54. I was surprised that….

55. I noticed that I ……

56. I was pleased that I ……..

57. What does subtraction mean?

58. What does addition mean?

59. What is important about telling time?

60. What is important about money?

61.  How does my family use fractions at home?

62. Using today’s lesson, write a new word I used and define it.

63. When I was in first or second grade, my favorite thing to do in math was-

64. What tricks did I use to learn addition facts?

65. What tricks did I use to learn subtraction facts?

66. How does my mom or dad use addition at home?

67. How does my mom or dad use subtraction at home?

68. How can I make my work neater?

69. Is math my favorite subject? Why, or why not?

70. In our class, do you think the girls or the boys like math best? Why?

71. Draw a picture of myself teaching the class in math.

72. How do I feel when you know it is time for math?

73. Create a timeline of what I’ve learned in math since kindergarten.

74. Explain a fact family.

75. The most important thing I learned in math is…..

76. Tips I would give to a friend about this math problem…

77. My worse mistake today was…..

78. My perfect math class would be…..

79. One thing I’d change about math class…..

80. Pretend I am a shape. Which shape would I be and why?

81. If I had a magic wand in math class, what would I use it on?

82. If I were invisible, how would I help the class in math?

83. Invent a new shape-name it, draw it, and tell how it is used.

84. The most important part of solving a problem is…..

85. If math were a color, what color would it be and why?

86. If math were a sound, what sound would it be and why?

87. If math were a shape, what shape would it be and why?

88. If math were a pattern, what pattern would it be and why?

89. Make a list of shapes in the room.

90. Make a list of numbers in the room.

91. When I see a word problem, the first thing I do is…..

92. When I see a word problem, the first thing I think is…..

93. Describe my feelings when asked to do a problem on the board.

94. Make a math monster and write how it works a problem in math.

95. Design a math bumper sticker.

96. Design a math slogan for the class.

97. Design a graph for something I’ve learned in class.

98. Why is math necessary to learn?

99. Why do I need to write in my journal?

100. What is something you’d like to do in math class?

101. What would I ask my teacher to explain about today’s math? And why?