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Citing Your Sources During Research

Plagiarism is when an individual copies the written work of another individual and no credit is given to the original author. This includes copying the writing from Internet websites. Not giving credit for another person's work is the same as stealing. You may not be stealing someone's material possessions, but you are stealing their thoughts.

When you research information for a project or paper, you must give credit to the authors whose work you used in your research. You must create a bibliography or works cited of all the sources that you used in your research, including Internet, books, encyclopedias, magazines and more. A bibliography or works cited is an alphabetical listing (by author) of all the resources you used in your research.

Each type of source you use has a different format for citation. Below you can either go to the homepage of the website Citation Machine; or you can choose the link for the type of source you used.

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