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Library Availability:

Library Hours: School days - 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Checkout Hours: School days - 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Circulation Policies:

Students may checkout 2 books, for 2 weeks. If a student is not finished reading a book they may recheck it online (once) or bring the book into the library to recheck at the circulation desk.

Book checkout is not allowed for students with overdue books, late fees or damaged book fees.

Overdue books are charged a late fee of $0.10/school day (maximum $3.00/book)


Please join us in the Metzger Library

Checkout a library book; get help finding an interesting book; research a topic with books, databases or by using the internet; work on classwork, homework or take a makeup test; read a book; read interesting topics on the web...

Name: John Mueller            Occupation: Librarian

Favorite Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Hobbies: hiking, biking, kayaking, reading, and playing computer games.


This is my 25th year in education and I have been fortunate to try many things. I have taught 5th-6th grade students at the elementary school as well as 6th-8th graders in Computer Literacy. I helped teach teachers how to use computers in their everyday teaching and for a few years I worked to put new computer systems in place over in the Technology dept. When the Metzger library position became available I knew I had to get back to working directly with the students.